like if you think rose and kensei are dead, and reblog if you think they’re still alive

there have been instances in bleach where “killed” or “dead” have been used quite liberally to describe characters we still see today BUT they’re also not HUGE characters (even though i and many still consider…

Clearly Rose is dead and Kensei is alive. I mean, Rose has really fulfilled all of her obligations as a character: she’s retrieved the Masamune, she’s avenged her father, and her role as the female mentor to Anastasia has been supplanted by Nora. Rose can been killed off without too much of an effect on the narrative.

Kensei, however… I mean, first off, if he’s gone, then how can everybody go bankai. Onchi just isn’t up to that level yet and Hyoe is unreliable. Also, Kensei serves as a metaphor for the currently increasingly fractured structure of the Bleach narrative in how he’s been scattered across multiple timelines that are slowly converging. This, though, means that they actually could kill him off, only to bring him back a few issues later by taking him from a different timeline, say, the one where everybody is Nazis or the one where I have actually watched an episode of Bleach.

Road signs of despair.

About 80% of Indiana is enclosed within this photo.